Terms & Conditions

Eynshan Wearable Breast Pump - Extended 2 Year International Warranty Terms and Conditions


  • Our brand ethos at Eynshan is centered on exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. The extended international warranty on our Wearable Breast Pump reflects our dedication to assuring mothers globally of our trustworthiness and commitment.

Warranty Duration:

  • Overall Product Warranty: The Product comes with a warranty valid for two (2) years from the documented date of purchase.
  • Lithium Battery Component: Recognizing the inherent lifespan of batteries, the lithium battery component in the Product specifically holds a warranty of six (6) months from the purchase date.

Scope of Coverage:

  • This warranty predominantly covers defects related to materials and craftsmanship during ordinary use.
  • We acknowledge and cover any complications arising from back-flow issues.
  • Depending on the individual case, Eynshan will choose to either repair or replace the Product. Replacements may be refurbished or brand new, at our discretion.
  • Costs pertaining to parts and labor resulting from the rectification of the covered defects will be borne by Eynshan.

Warranty Exclusions:

  • Damages caused by unwarranted physical force, misuse, negligence, accidents, or unsuitable storage conditions are excluded.
  • Any modifications, alterations, or repairs attempted without official authorization from Eynshan will render this warranty void.
  • Consumables, including but not limited to membranes and valves, and cosmetic damages like scratches or dents, fall outside the warranty’s purview.
  • The warranty does not cover Products that are misplaced, lost, or stolen

Global Applicability:

  • While this warranty is valid internationally, service offerings might differ based on geographical nuances.
  • Eynshan will coordinate repairs or replacements through the nearest authorized service centers available in the country of purchase or any designated service region for the Product.

Procedure for Claims:

  • To activate a warranty claim, get in touch with our dedicated customer service team, equipped with your proof of purchase, a comprehensive description of the issue, and any corresponding visual proof.
  • The Product might need to be shipped to a designated service center for a thorough inspection.
  • The warranty encompasses the repair costs. However, shipping costs for returns fall on the customer, unless an exception is specified.

Warranty's Non-transferable Nature:

  • The original purchaser alone can benefit from this warranty; it doesn’t extend to subsequent owners or recipients of the Product.

Liability Boundaries:

  • Eynshan’s liability under this warranty is strictly confined to the Product’s repair or replacement.

We shall not bear responsibility for:

  • Damages inflicted on auxiliary items due to any Product defect.
  • Downtime, data losses, missed profit opportunities, or any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages.

Legal Framework:

  • This warranty is governed by the legislative framework of the country where the Product was initially procured.

Updates and Modifications to Warranty:

  • Eynshan holds the right to make adjustments to these terms at any point without prior notice. Customers are encouraged to periodically visit our official online portal for the most recent warranty specifications.
For a hassle-free warranty experience, we urge our valued customers to safely retain their purchase documentation and proactively register their Product on the Eynshan website.