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About Eynshan

Founded in 2018, Eynshan stands proud as a beacon of innovation in the maternal health sector, operating under the esteemed umbrella of TPh Technology Co., Ltd, which has been leading its industry since 2012. Embellished with our guiding principle, "CAREFREE NURSING, FREELY LIFE," we are on a mission to make the breastfeeding journey more enriching for mothers worldwide.

Recognized across 65 countries, Eynshan products resonate with the unique needs of mothers, solidifying our commitment to enriching the breastfeeding experience. Our origin is deeply anchored in understanding these unique needs. We have been resolute in our dedication to user-centric design since inception, leading to the creation of solutions that cater to diverse preferences while maintaining exceptional standards of efficiency and comfort.

Eynshan's range, from manually operated pumps that epitomize simplicity and precision to state-of-the-art electric variants that seamlessly integrate modern technology with ergonomic design, mirrors our commitment to excellence. Each product encapsulates our core principle of offering a "carefree nursing" experience, ensuring mothers can lead a "freely life."

The robust technological foundation of TPh Technology Co., Ltd has been instrumental in bolstering our innovation drive. Their unwavering support has positioned Eynshan at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements in breast pump technology. Our formidable R&D division, equipped with industry veterans, ceaselessly pushes the boundaries, pioneering breakthroughs that have often set the industry standards.

With certifications including FDA, CE, RoHS, and many more, our emphasis on premium quality and relentless innovation has garnered trust among countless families and cemented our stature as a benchmark in maternal health.

As we reflect on our journey, Eynshan's growth story underscores the dedication, vision, and expertise of our stellar team. Year after year, we've reached new pinnacles, etching significant milestones and reinforcing our legacy as a paragon in maternal care products.